Top 5 Reasons To Treat Everyone Nicely-II


Wilson was bursting with joy, his whole body tingled and he wondered if his car could feel the tension within him. He had been so excited  when he got the letter inviting him for an interview, this was his dream job. Who wouldn’t want to work at the Deandre Enterprise?

He drove through the gates, and was welcomed with an amazing landscape, different buildings at every corner, a statue of Mr, Deandre himself stood majestically at the center of everything, the date the company was founded was boldly printed on it. Now Wilson’s nerves were all over the place. He had been working and waiting for this since he was in high school. All the straight As, and making sure he had a clean record, and his outstanding  3.9 GPA, and also graduating as valedictorian was all for this moment.

After driving around for for a few minutes without finding…

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