The Reality That Lies Within

“The form we find the most of what our dreams entails is what captures the truth we find in every endeavor to live a fulfilled life..We normally dispute the fact that there’s no full control over what happens in as much as it is what comes as if we did see it coming..“De Javu” Doesn’t lie’ve actually seen it before..because you just did..I don’t want to bore you..I want you to understand that This world is a big place,Scientists have tried to make it small enough but possibly The Internet media will make it through..If you get to meet’s an opportunity for bargain…Never let them determine your stay,your future,the past you are leaving takes more than strength and perseverance to get through..wisdom enough can keep you smiling while they(HATERS) come..One Philosophy I came across..Talked about how important they are in your success..Give Them A chance and know when to draw the line too…
Show your Hater Love…
Love Your Hater…
It’s A Priviledge To Know One”
Thank You for your Time


3 thoughts on “The Reality That Lies Within

  1. Good message u trying to pass across! One tip,work on ur punctuation. One could get lost while reading this. ℓ̊ mean no comma,elipses where it’s not necessary and so on. ℓ̊ had to read twice to get u. Also try work with more simpler words and how to combine words!

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